Forms & Documents

As per the CCF Operational Agreement dated October 03, 2013 when all funding for operational needs have been met 40% of Annual Profits are distributed to Community Organizations through the Community Grant Funding Program and application process. The Community Funding Policy was created to ensure profits generate funding capital for arts, recreation, culture and social projects and to ensure profits stay in the Clinton and District area. Grant funding is awarded to organizations ,through the application process, that are considered to be contributing to the general interest and well-being of the citizens of the Village of Clinton and surrounding area. To date over $ 236,121.00 has been awarded to local non-profit organizations.

The annual deadline for Community Funding Applications is: MARCH 31

Assessing your property for Fire Hazards and Risks is the first step in protecting your home from a Wildfire. The Clinton and District Community Forest offers free FireSmart Assessments, by appointment.

In Partnership with Psalm 23 Transition Society, Our Board of Directors works to provide a half a cord of Firewood to all those in need who apply every year. Our Directors quite often deliver the Firewood personally to recipient’s doors. While we are unable to provide a whole winter’s worth of Firewood at this time, the Board hopes this firewood will help keeps recipients warm each winter.

the annual deadline for Firewood Applications is: September 30th

Please note to cut Firewood for PERSONAL USE ONLY within the Clinton Community Forest (CCF) you will require both a Ministry Permit and a CCF permit.

CCF Audited Financial Statements